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Opanuj moce wulkanu grając na bongosach!

How to play:
Use Q, W, E to hit the drums in guitar-hero-like part.
Use spacebar to launch boulder then WSAD to push it and spacebar to "dash" in desired direction.
Destroy villages, have fun.


Marcin Kozieł, Julia Szulc, Karol Kłusek, Kamil Piotrowski, Paweł Lejman, Paulina Izienicka

Version history

8.03.17 - Dni Aktywności Studenckiej promo version
-added humble victory screen
-added main menu scene
-fixed HUD bugs

known issues:
-little desynch on tutorial song(still only 2 of them)
-you have to restart game after watching credits

5.03.17 - gamejam version, known issues:
-1 sec "flash" of volcano view before drum phase
-no victory screen
-there are only two songs, the tutorial one and hard one
-HUD displays same variable for dashes and shots left
-music should fade out after 3 missed notes but sometimes it needs about 5ish?


Volcano64DAS.zip 157 MB
Volcano64jam.zip 156 MB
flet chiński.ogg 46 kB

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